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 RRiF College of Financial Management is confident that, without regard to the size of the institution, it has an impact on achieving the goals of the internalization and modernizationa agenda.

Through more international cooperation and experience of partners of the institution, the students will have the opportunity for a more interesting study by gaining experience from students in other countries. That could be a motivating factor for completing the study.

The cooperatoin of teachers of RRiF College and teachers of partner institutions will enable the to exchange knowledge and experience from home countries. Accordingky, the students can gain more insight into the way of teaching and learning in other countries. The information of good practice is expected to improve the quality of teaching.

Through the moblity programme the students have the opportunity to meet different cultures, broaden their horizons and by being in new environment gani new skills, learn new language and learn how to be more independent. All of these skills will represent the competitive advantage on the labour market.

Through participating in the student exchange programme the students learn how to work and how to apply acquired knowledge.

By making procedures for activities it becomes easier to create effective governance and funding mechanisms for the support of excellence.

 RRiF College of Financial Managemetn usually chooses partners with help from the National Agency. Some partners were found directly but modt of them through the NAtionla Agency. We think, that it is understandable, taking into consideration the of the institution and the fact that the institution was founded in 2006.

Priority of RRiF College is prevalence of knowledge as the impeller of positive changes in society.

The partners of RRiF College are from the EU member states. Our goal in the fitire is to expand the scope of the partnership toother countries from the region and further. The RRiF Colleg eis not oriented to the specific geographical area but most of the bilateral agreements have been signed with the institutions in Portugal.

Objectives and target groups  of mobility activities

  • to achieve quality imrovement of work of students and professors,
  • to exchange information and achievements in the field of economy through mobility and interinstitutional cooperation,
  • to improve cooperation between the education sector and economy,
  • to increase accessability of sources of knowledge through IC technologies,
  • to prepare highly educated professionals for permanenet learning and adjustment to the modern globalized market,
  • to ensure a free flow of scientific and expert information,
  • to enable students to achieve the competencies which will make them equal competitors on the global labour market,
  • to improve quality through inter-institutional cooperation referring to the improvement of the curriculum and implementing new teaching methods and aids,
  • to work on the quality improvement of all segments of administrative work at RRiF College,
  • to promote equality and rights of all people to learning and protection from all kinds of discrimination,
  • to ensure prevalnce of knowledge,
  • to encourage students and teachers to life-long learning through new achievements.